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Baby Sofas


We are the only upholstery company in the United States that creates these...Well, presently at least.

Eager to stylize your home in an alternative way?


You can utilize our Baby Sofas as:

~Storage Areas for your remotes/DVDs/ the Living Room 

~Toys for your children’s' dolls and figurines.

~Décor for your home, office, and just about any place you can fit it. 

~A Comfort area for your PETS.


Our fluffy four-legged animals ought to live fancy as well!


Have too many belongings lying around?


You can even order a baby sofa with a trunk or drawer

~Exclusively designed for storage

MAKE-UP organizer anyone?



Have your regular sofa/chairs upholstered with us, and we'll create a miniature of it for you too.

We also upholster mini-chairs, mini-trunks, and mini ottomans.

Choose your own fabric


Customize your own size!


Call us today:
(310) 558-4088

Storage Space:

Have DVDs/Remotes/CDs lying around everywhere?

Here's the solution for you! (Just don't hide the money there...)

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