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Ms. Ten
Mr. King
Mr. Ace
Ms. Queen
Mr. Jack

Little has changed in the bathroom since the modern toilet was invented in 1851. Until now—

To keep it simple…

The Royal Flush is a SEATLESS chair that slides around anything you can imagine.



For example:

Your Bathroom.

Can we hear you say:



The Characters

Ms. Ten:
Arms Only, no Back
Mr. Jack:
Arms and a Straight Back
Ms. Queen:
Arms, Curved Back, and Wings
Mr. Ace:
Arms, High-Back,
 Soaring Wings
Mr. King: 
Arms, Straight Back, and Wings

"It's the best thing you never knew you wanted because you always thought you had it."

-Daniel Canon

It's not just marketing, it's true.

Not Just a Pretty Face...

It helps people too? 

Aside from being totally awesome...

The Royal Flush exists for:


  • much-added comfort

  • elderly assistance

  • additional balance

  • Wheelchair assistance

  • and child safety


The audience is universal! 

Many elders are embarrassed to have metallic bars

around their toilets for the public to see.

Royal Flush is meant for  Style  and Assistance.  


Royal Pockets

For  Books, Magazines, Remotes, and Newspapers!


Royal Lid Covers




            Hand'led to match the color of your chair!

These can also be purchased separately. If you don't have space for the full chair, choose  a color, and we'll send you a hand-sewn custom lid cover that matches the other furniture in your home.



Upholstered in the Highest-quality VINYL

for Sanitation, Longevity, and Easy Cleaning 


The Royal chairs are lightweight, durable, bold,

and they slide right around your toilet.

When you wish to clean, just slide the chair away, then slide it back in.

For all-the-best fitting, we can include a toilet for an additional $280.



Made in the USA

Everything is Customized to your taste, your wishes, and your home

...Or Customize your own...

"Royal Flush, is an inspiration to anyone who feels 'seatless,' or empty, because it

proves that just because we aren’t like other chairs, doesn’t mean we don’t have a purpose."

-Michael Canon

We don't always have the best hand in Life, Good thing there's a bathroom ;)

Call (310) 558-3588 for a quote today


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